Field of Flowers 2013

This is probable my favourite quilt to date

This was Highnam Quilter’s “Round Robin” challenge. We were asked to choose a block and fabric.

My fabric choice was all batiks

My block choice was the “Honey Bee” from Lyn Edwards sampler book

I did the first block, put it in a bag and waited.

Each month the bag was passed to a different member of the group. I never saw the bag again until 12 months later. The following ladies each completed a block


Linda Simmons

Vron Evans

Gabby Davies

Betty Baker

Pat Train

Mary Howard

Katie Sargent

Linda Kerswell

Hillary Egglestone

Ali Bates

A big thank you to all of them, I put the quilt together with some red sashing and am so thrilled with the results, exactly what I asked for a Field of Flowers


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