Shot Cotton 2012

My Quilting Group Highnam Quilters have regular challenge, this was my first.

A Medallion Quilt



Organised by Pat Train, each month she issued basic instructions, which could be added to or altered slightly, we chose are own fabrics.

My fabric was from Oakshott Cotton

The first month was relatively straight forward, just squares and triangles, but the next month we learnt that this had to go on point (a new one for me).  At this stage I decided to add appliqué to the plan areas. We had instructions for five months.

Quilting was simple, shadowing the  squares and appliqué, adding heart shapes and wavy lines on the border


Kaliedoscope – 2012

Following on from the Sampler Quilt Karen Philminster’s next course was “Stack and Back”

Choosing a large patterned fabric we had to cut our fabric so that each square had exactly the same pattern. The centre square in the quilt was the pattern I chose.

The squares were stacked on top of one another and then cut into eights, each pile, with exactly the same pattern were sewn together, making a Kaleidoscope effect

The other object of this course was to attempt Free motion Quilting. I used some very simple designs on the sashing and a swirl coming from the centre of the blocks.



Starting off

After I retired I wanted to find a hobby or voluntary work to fill my time, despite friends saying “after you retire you wonder how you found time to go to work”

On Holiday in Ludham, Norfolk I went into a Quilting/fabric shop next to Ludham Bridge, what I found there enthralled me – Quilts hung round the room, fabrics  in all colours, patterns and shades and a large table with Ladies sat around sewing and chatting. I did not know anything about quilting, but some how I knew this was for me.

When I got back home I purchased some magazines and made enquiries about courses. I was lucky enough to find a Patchwork beginners course starting in January 2011 at Abigails Shop in Stonehouse, about 7 miles away from me. The course tutor was Karen Philminster who was an inspiration.

I got out my old 1974 New Holme sewing machine, but it hadn’t been used for years, was rusted and no good at all, so over to the Sewing Machine Shop in Henrietta Street, Cheltenham and bought a basic Janome sewing machine, all set to go

The course was a Sampler Quilt following Lynn Edwards Sampler book. Karen took us through hand sewing to basic piecing.

My fabric was bought from the Patchwork Basket in Newest, theme on orchards in greens and reds

This was an absolutely steep learning curved and relished every step. Karen was an excellent tutor and Lynn Edwards book was very explanatory.

This was my finished Quilt




About me and my Blog

This is the post excerpt.

I want my blog to be a record of my Quilts, Fabric Art and anything I make, to document methods, note styles,tutors and patterns. Also it is to be fun to add some cheer, I hope that it will be informative and to cheer up the reader.

I started my hobby after I retired in 2009, it has now taken over my life and my house. I have a very patient hubby who supports me